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In sports all we are looking at is improved performance, not good health. It is hard to get ethical approval to do such studies, as some products are controversial and many possible candidates for a trial will be bodybuilders using illegal performance enhancing drugs.

I feel it is important for me to teach you a little about the types of evidence available in research in order buy anabolic steroids for you to have a better understanding as to the angle I am coming from in this ebook. It will also help you to comprehend the strength of information I will provide in helping you to make an informed choice.

These are laboratory-based studies, which show the direct effect of administering a substance on a subject. Subjects are usually not human (those poor lab rats!), as it can be hard to get approval to do tests on human subjects. Experimental studies provide a plausible theory from which other studies can follow.

There are a number of types of epidemiological studies, which are studies on the effects of substrates on populations or groups of people. Depending on their design, the strength of these trials varies. They include retrospective studies, where many subjects may be questioned as to the effect something has had on an outcome.